Tonheflow motorized valve manufacturer

Tonhe mainly produces motorized shut off ball valve from 1/4" to 2",
Some valves approved NSF61-G, CE, ROHS and other international certification.

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motorized valve BSP, BSPP, BSPT NPT threads how to distinguish, which countries to adapt to?

BSP thread is 55 degrees straight thread, NPT thread is 60 degree taper thread
BSP thread = national standard G thread.
Main thread application in different country.
BSP is used in Asia, Germany, Vietnam G thread is used in Europe NPT thread is used in South America, North America, Singapore, Ireland.... Please kind Note: stainless steel body BSP thread is BSPP thread. BSP is straight thread, BSPT is tapered thread.

BSPT thread

BSPT is the standard of British taper pipe thread.
BSPT is imperial tapered pipe thread standard: refers to the thread tooth type Angle is 55 °, thread is 1:16 taper
BSPT English name is called British Standard Pipe Thread.

BSP thread

BSP Thread is the British Standard Pipe Thread, which refers to the British Standard Pipe Thread, which belongs to the category of wyeth screw (BS 84).
When it comes to Whitworth threads, it's not just because it's the world's first thread standard, but also because it's Joseph Whitworth. Interested friends can use baidu or wikipedia, but here is a few introductions.
BSP threads are divided into two types: cylindrical Pipe threads, British Standard Pipe Parallel and conical Pipe threads.

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