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Some valves approved NSF61-G, CE, ROHS and other international certification.

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Matters needing attention in electric valve operation.

Operation method of electric valve.

Preparation before operation.

1) before operating the valve, read the instructions carefully.

2) make sure that the gas flow is clear before operation, and check valve opening and closing signs.

3) check the appearance of the electric valve, see whether the electric valve is damp and dry if there is damp; If any other problem is found to be handled in time, no fault operation shall be carried out.

4) for the electric device that has been stopped for more than 3 months, check the clutch before starting, and check the insulation, steering and electrical wiring of the motor after the manual position is confirmed.

Manual control, the switch position in LOCAL, on-site operation switch of electric valve, electric valve in place or close in place when it will stop working automatically, finally beat operating switch to the middle position.

Precautions for operation of electric valve:

1) when starting, make sure the clutch handle is in the corresponding position.

2) if the power valve is controlled in the control room, switch the switch to a large REMOTE location and then control the switch of the electric valve through the SCADA system.

3) if the manual control, the switch position in LOCAL, on-site operation switch of electric valve, electric valve in place or close in place it will automatically stop working, and finally beat operating switch to the middle position.

4) when operating the valve on site, the valve should be monitored for opening and closing instructions and valve stem operation, and the opening and closing of the valve should meet the requirements.

5) when the valve is fully closed, the valve should be stopped before the valve is put in place, and the valve should be shut in place with a micro-operation.

6) setting after a stroke and super torque controller in the valve, for the first time fully open or close the valve, the monitoring should be paid attention to the control of the stroke, such as valve switch to the position without stop, should be manual emergency stop immediately.

7) in the process of opening and closing the valve, when the signal indicator is wrong and the valve has abnormal sound, the inspection should be stopped in time.

8) power supply should be turned off after successful operation.

9) when operating multiple valves at the same time, the operation sequence should be paid attention to and the production process requirements shall be met.

10) when opening a large diameter valve with bypass valve, if the pressure difference between the two ends is large, the bypass valve should be opened first and then open the main valve: after the main valve is opened, the bypass valve should be closed immediately.

11) the ball valve must be fully opened when receiving and receiving the pigging ball (apparatus).

12) operating ball valve, gate valve, globe valve and butterfly valve can only be opened or closed completely.

13) when operating gate valve, globe valve and plate valve, when closing or opening to the upper dead center or lower dead center, it should be rotated 1/2 ~ 1 laps.
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