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Protective function of motorized valve actuator.

An motorized valve actuator is a driving device that provides a straight line or rotary motion. It USES some kind of driving energy and works under some kind of control signal. With the continuous improvement of actuator function of electric valve, it is particularly prominent in the protection function.

1. Torque protection

This function protects both the valve and the actuator itself, and the torque protection value is set by the setter.

2. Valve position limit protection.

The actuator runs to close and opens the limit position automatically (in relation to the set of working methods).

3. Automatic phase sequence adjustment.

Motorized valve actuators automatically detect power terminal access to the phase sequence of three-phase power supply, through the proper logic operations, to decide which one actuator operation incentive ac contactor, to ensure that motor through to correct phase sequence. If there is no automatic phase sequence adjustment function, it is possible to damage the valve due to wiring phase error. Because of the automatic phase sequence adjustment function, the wiring of the actuator power supply can not be considered in phase sequence.

4. Instant reversal protection.

When the actuator accepts a command to the opposite direction, automatically adds a time delay to prevent unnecessary wear and tear on the valve shaft and gearbox.

5. Power supply lack phase protection.

Motorized valve actuator has a very perfect power supply phase protection function. It USES the method of combining the monitor voltage and current, which can detect motor happen at the end of the stationary phase, can also occur in the process of testing the motor running power lack of phase, which prohibits the motor running, motor overheating lack phase operation can be avoided. One important fact to note is that the majority of motor faults occur during the motor operation.

6. Protection when the valve is stuck.

Regardless of the actuator to open the direction or close the direction of movement, in signal excitation motor after 5 ~ 10 seconds time temporarily banned torque protection function (if actuators in the 5 ~ 10 seconds time no action, is to cut off the motor control circuit of power supply). This function can realize the card when the valve is stuck.
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