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2 inch electric actuated ball valve-How to use the electric actuator correctly

In general, the torque of the electric actuator selected for the basic parameters of the selected equipment is selected to provide power to the electric actuator, and the torque output of the electric valve operating torque is 1.2 to 1.5 times of the valve based on the following operations. The main structure, that is, operating the thrust valve actuator in two ways, is not set to output the torque thrust plate thrust disc and another output power of the direct thrust plate through the output torque stem nut.

Output shaft speed: the motor output speed Yang valves and electric actuators associated valve nominal diameter of spacing for M A = H/ZS opening height, in the shaft calculation, S been dry transmission thread pitch, described the electrical device of magnetic pole Z to initiate the number of threads) otherwise, number of turns of electric valve accessories allow the diameter of the rod of the valve stem rod, which can be assembled large rod diameter.

Therefore, the diameter of the hollow output shaft should be larger than the apparent diameter of the electric actuator. Rotating the valve, and the diameter, but the stem diameter with this part of the keyway is not considered large enough for the output speed of the assembly, because even considering the problem, then the shutoff valve is opened by multiple rods rotating too fast in the dark of the stem, which may occur. Therefore, electromechanical valve lines that select open/close speeds, torques or axial forces must be able to limit specific requirements in other service conditions.

Usually, electric actuators use torque limiting couplings. Control torque is also determined when specifying electrical equipment. Generally, the motor can cause overload at low supply voltage during a given operating time. This will stop the motor's rotation of the torque, and do not load excessive torque and only store intermittent through the column, the motor is still used for the temperature rise of the excessive torque, because the torque is too large, the motor's error is large and it rotates and generates continuous torque.

2 inch electric actuated ball valve

2 inch electric actuated ball valve

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