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Tonhe mainly produces motorized shut off ball valve from 1/4" to 2",
Some valves approved NSF61-G, CE, ROHS and other international certification.

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what is motorized ball valve

motorized valve is usually connected by the electric actuator and the valve and becomes the electric valve after installation and debugging. The electric valve USES the electric energy as the power to connect the electric actuator to drive the valve, realizing the valve switch and adjusting action. So as to achieve the purpose of switching or regulating the medium of the pipeline.

motorized valve drive is generally used by the motor, open or close action to complete the need for a certain amount of time to simulate, can be adjusted. More resistant to voltage shock. Solenoid valve is fast open and close, generally used in small flow and small pressure, the requirements of the switch frequency is large; Electric valve reverse. The opening degree of the electric valve can be controlled, the state is open, close, half open and half close, can control the flow of the pipeline medium and the solenoid valve can not meet this requirement.

Three-wire motorized valve has F/R/N three lines, F for forward action (or open action) control line, R for reverse action (or close action) control line, N for ground line. Solenoid valve is a type of electric valve; Is to use the magnetic field generated by the electromagnetic coil to pull the valve core, thus changing the valve body off, the coil power off, the valve core depends on the spring pressure back.

Type of motorized ball valve

motorized valve according to the valve position function can be divided into: switch type electric valve and regulating type electric valve; According to the valve position form can be divided into: electric ball valve and electric butterfly valve; According to the shape of the valve body can be divided into: ordinary electric valve and micro electric valve. Electric valve conventional switch type, but also a regulatory type, such as: fan inlet water to regulate the flow of water. Switch type electric valve is generally divided into normally closed and normally open two, normally closed type refers to the power when the valve is closed state, normally open type is the power when the valve is open state; In addition, according to the wiring is also divided into three wire and two wire system, large caliber is mostly three wire system, small caliber will have two wire and three wire system.

motorized ball valve main function Used for fluid and air turn-off
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