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Tonhe mainly produces motorized shut off ball valve from 1/4" to 2",
Some valves approved NSF61-G, CE, ROHS and other international certification.

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motorized ball valve field and application

motorized valve is usually connected by the electric actuator and the valve and becomes the electric valve after installation and debugging. The electric valve USES the electric energy as the power to connect the electric actuator to drive the valve, realizing the valve switch and adjusting action. So as to achieve the purpose of switching or regulating the medium of the pipeline.

Solenoid valve is a type of electric valve; Is to use the magnetic field generated by the electromagnetic coil to pull the valve core, thus changing the valve body off, the coil power off, the valve core depends on the spring pressure back.

Application field of electric valve:

Canning/bottling system
Beer brewing and beverage technology
Electric valve chemical industry
Fluid mixing plant
Food industry coagulant and cement industry
Vacuum technology
Water treatment plant
Pneumatic device
Laundry room
Medical equipment
Boiler feed water
Process control

Use of electric valve:

Electric valve: for liquid, gas and wind system pipeline medium flow simulation volume regulation, is AI control. In the control of large valve and air system can also be used with the electric valve to do two - switch control.

Electric valve: it can have AI feedback signal and can be controlled by DO or AO.

1. Switch form:

Electric valve drive is generally used by the motor, open or close action to complete the need for a certain amount of time to simulate, can be adjusted.

2. Job nature:

Electric valve drive is generally used in the motor, more resistant to voltage shock. Solenoid valve is fast open and close, generally used in small flow and small pressure, the requirements of the switch frequency large place electric valve vice versa. The opening degree of the electric valve can be controlled, the state is open, close, half open and half close, can control the flow of the pipeline medium and the solenoid valve can not meet this requirement.

3. Applicable technology: Electric valves are commonly used for regulation, but there are also on-off valves, such as fan coil ends.

motorized valves use two stroke switches, separate in place and close in place, generally either open in place or close in place

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