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Tonhe mainly produces motorized shut off ball valve from 1/4" to 2",
Some valves approved NSF61-G, CE, ROHS and other international certification.

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Tonheflow Motorized ball valve electric device manual

Welcome to understand the micro valve electric device, thank you for choosing our company's various series of micro valve electric device.

1. summary,

The shell of Tonhe series miniature electric ball valve actuator is made of PPO material, which is small and delicate in appearance, beautiful and durable. Transmission mechanism adopts all metal gear, high precision, high torque.

2. Scope of application

1). IC card intelligent water meter, heat meter, hvac valve.

2). central air-conditioning fan coil, fire fighting.

3). college water saving and automatic control systems, industrial control and other small equipment.

4). environmental protection, water supply and drainage, water treatment engineering.

5). water-saving appliances, drinking water equipment, etc.

3. Product features

1). beautiful shape, small volume, actuator reliable performance, large output torque, long service life (5 ~ 100000 times)

2). actuators and valves can be multi-angle assembly, convenient on your demand about the distribution of the space.

3). ball valve structure of floating seal, no drip, suitable for heavy dirt and no action over a long period of time.

4). replace solenoid valve can not normal working environment.

5). protection grade is high, can be used in the relatively humid environment.

4.Characteristic parameters


valve size


control method

close/open time

rated voltage





CR501 CR502


DC3-6V   AC/DC9-24V






CR501 CR502


DC3-6V   AC/DC9-24V








DC12/24V   AC220V


5. Wiring works are prohibited in rainy days or in high humidity.

1). wiring project should be done by a qualified electrical engineer in accordance with the technical standards for electrical equipment.
2). wiring before please make sure the wiring diagram, the correct connection, random distribution is prohibited.

6. Instructions for use and relevant matters needing attention

1).to rated working voltage of the actuator choose AC/DC9-24 v electric valve actuators, can use the AC9 - or DC9-24 v power supply, 24 v AC voltage upper limit cannot be higher than 27 v, 30 v, dc voltage limit cannot be higher than the internal circuit board so as not to burn out.

2).CR502 control mode for the first time open valve or valves closed for a long time in the state, must make the pledge that we shall have at least 1 minute of electricity time to achieve reliable when the power is reset (reset time < 5 s).

3).for two-way valves, actuators can control the open/close two states. When the power supply voltage is DC5V, the output current capacity should be greater than 500mA.

4). when occasion of fouling in water easily, its main line should be equipped with electronic descaling equipment.

5).when medium containing sludge, containing more cases suggest adding sand filter.


1).this series product is not explosion-proof type, cannot be used in explosive gas and corrosive gases indoors.

2).when electrified, actuators and valves cannot be apart, can't do wiring project.

3).due to this product failure can cause great casualties and property losses to you, please use caution.


1). product absolutely prohibited sets and impact to the products, which cause bad action.

2). absolutely forbidden to set foot on the product, the actuator failure or people fall accident.

3).rainy day or a spray state, not to do wiring project.

7. Quality Assurance:

The Company solemnly promises:

Products sold within one year, in accordance with the normal conditions of use, quality problems will be replaced to your hands for free.

The following situations do not fall within the above scope:

1).abnormal use

2).bar anti-fake mark to tear up

3).appearance damage

4).valve ball serious wear and tear

8. To inform you:

The company's electric valve products are various and constantly improve product functions, new products, the company reserves the right to change the specification. Subject to change without prior notice!

Related technical problems or special requirements, please contact our company!

1). manual function can only be used in the case of power cuts.

2).mention the handwheel, rotating around until the valve is in place.

3)after manual must press the handwheel, so that electric normal use.

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