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Tonhe mainly produces motorized shut off ball valve from 1/4" to 2",
Some valves approved NSF61-G, CE, ROHS and other international certification.

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A20 Actuator Proportional modulating motorized valve wiring

A20 Proportional Motorized Ball Valve modulating valve

motorized valve wiring

Technical Parameters:

Valve size NPT/BSP 1/4" NPT/BSP 1/2" NPT/BSP 3/4" NPT/BSP 1" NPT/BSP 3/8" (Optional)
Maximum working pressure 1.0 MPa
Circulation medium Fluid, air
Rated voltage DC9-24v
control signal 4-20mA 、0-5V、0-10V
Position Any position ( 0~100% is ok)
Make as your requirement, for example, 4 position, 5 position,etc.
Wiring control methods 5 wire control with feedback signal>
Locked-rotor Delay Time 2-4s
Working current ≤500MA
Open/close time ≤7S(Optional)
Life time 100000 times
Valve Body material Brass, Nickel plated Brass, 304 Stainless steel, SS316(Optional)
Actuator material Engineering Plastics
Sealing material EPDM & PTFE
Actuator rotation 90°
Max. torque force 4Nm
Cable Length 0.5m,1.5m(Optional)
Environment temperature -15℃~50℃
Liquid temperature 2℃~90℃

Indicator Yes No (Optional)
Protection class IP67

wire control Diagram

1, RD connect DC9-24V positive
2, BK connect DC9 ~ 24V-/ 4-20mA-/0-5V-/0-10V-
3 GR connect position input /control current +/ control voltage +(4-20mA, 0-5V, 0-10V)
4, YW connect ERR output ,OC output
5, WTconnectposition feedback ,OC output PWM signal

Current Control-------------------4-20mA
Voltage Control-------------------0-5v, 0-10v
Motor voltage-------------------5v
Control accuracy------------------- ±1%
Valve operate stages-------------------It should be able to control at 5% open , 10% open ....90% open and 100% open

Clients' questions about proportional valve

GR, green wire 4-20ma signal input.
YW, yellow wire, ERR signal output, when valve is blocked, multimeter, the current file can be measured.
WT, white wire, PWM signal, can be measured with oscilloscope.

Ask:Is the ERR Signal an 5V Level?
Or the same voltage as the rated voltage DC9-24V?
YW, yellow wire, wrong signal line, when it is blocked, multimeter, the current gear can be measured.

Using current gear(proper current gear), Not a voltage

What is Modulating valve 4-20ma 0-5v, 0-10v, PWM voltage of position frequency output?

When working voltage is:DC24v, Modulating valve 4-20ma 0-5v, 0-10v, PWM wire voltage Plus the voltage, usually 3v, 5v

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